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Staff Application ~ Talent.

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Staff Application ~ Talent. Empty Staff Application ~ Talent.

Post  Talent Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:32 am

My age; 17 as of last December.
Sex; Male.
My location; Oregon. ~ (West coast of the U.S.)
Prior knowledge of staff status;
I have hosted and ran my own server before, assisted many other people with coding their servers and clients and have had over 5 years of experience with being a user with justified status. I can excel in finding bugs, people that abuse glitches, identifying client-sided hacks with ease, editing scripts on occasion, may be able to assist with certain coding, I'm extremely helpful to every community I am in yet control my power and well-earned wealth. Prefer teaching a man to fish over giving him one. I have never abused power, even in the most humanly-provoking situations surrounded by horrifying ignorance of corrupt staff and a 13 year old nuisance of an owner.
Intelligence related to Project-Sweet;
I've seen and played sources similar to this one multiple times in the past. I've gained a slightly more than adequate understanding of all variables taken into consideration by players on this server. Despite there only being the two staff members as of now my on-site evaluation of Sweet and I Pop I they both seem like good people whom I can easily get along and establish a good relationship. Anything I'm not aware of that I need to learn in order to be more successful as a player on this server I can quickly learn and retain, same rule applies to any other situation.
Expository information of myself;
To start, I'm obviously too into computer-related things according to how much I play online and the fact that I've been doing computer programming since I was 7 and enjoying games to their fullest extent. On the other hand I'm frequently active and take pleasure in being overly competitive and active in many different sports like tennis, swimming, wall-ball, basketball, ultimate frisbee and racquetball. I'm often sarcastic, slightly cocky, humorous, polite, defensive and easily provoked by contradictions towards my important morals and intellectual understanding yet control myself in situations and seek to solve them through understanding and manipulation when needed, I'm understanding, persuasive, sympathetic, naturally kind yet attempt to satisfy people through surprise, not expected maneuvers.
What is my birth-given name;
Talent Slae Allen.
What is my in-game account name;
People that support my position as a staff member;
Number 1; Kidz Enemy.
Number 2; Sunstun.
Number 3; Carrupted.
Number 4; I Pop I.
Number 5; Myself of course! Confidence produces success.
Number 6; Hopefully you!
On a side-note, I can assure you that immediate admin status would not be regretted and would be discreetly used at the best of my will. Doing so is definitely not being demanded in any way I'm just suggesting considering it'd save some time, I'd gain more respect from the community, help manage the server to the best of my abilities, strive to assist as much as possible in any situation and I'd appreciate it.


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Staff Application ~ Talent. Empty Re: Staff Application ~ Talent.

Post  sunstun Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:31 am

Yeah True Talent You are so helpful and you played rsps much you know much and you are good coder
Good Luck Bro Very Happy


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